Abstract of the Disclosure

The present invention is an ice and snow elimination system for motor vehicles. The present invention is unique in that its counterintuitive features are activated when the engine is off. The system allows consumers to remotely activate the ice and snow elimination system in Standard Sentry Mode to keep the exterior car surfaces free of ice and snow. Automatic Sentry Mode functions in the same way except that no remote communication device is needed.

The Ice Buster feature is used to quickly eliminate a large buildup of ice and snow (for economy cars) or, in mid-priced cars when the driver forgets to activate Standard Sentry Mode. Upon the availability of better conditions such as the onset of warmer weather, the ice and snow elimination system will shut down temporarily to optimize the system.

Preferably, the system has three models available, one for luxury vehicles (Automatic Sentry Mode), another for mid-priced vehicles (Standard Sentry Mode), and another for economy vehicles (Ice Buster Feature).