Please note that “Standard Sentry Mode” and its backup “Ice Buster Feature” would be marketed on mid-priced vehicles (such as Honda, Nissan,

  Toyota, Chevrolet, etc.). Also note that if “Standard Sentry Mode” (with its sophisticated anticipatory technology) cannot be successfully marketed

  on economy cars (such as Kia, Hyundai, Saturn, etc.), then just the “Ice Buster Feature” would be present on the economy cars. If, on the other

  hand, the developmental costs of anticipatory and ice-buster technologies together are not significantly higher than ice buster technology alone,

  then both features would be present on the economy cars..

  Complete List of Features of Standard Sentry Mode:

  (also includes Temperature Monitor Mode)

  1) Gradual Warm up Feature:

  Infrared rays start at low temperature and gradually get hotter so that glass does not crack.

  2) Power Saver Feature:

  The gas tubes continually turn on and off.

  3) Activation Light Feature:

  When the vehicle is put in Standard Sentry Mode, a white light on the dashboard blinks on and off.


  4) Automatic Shutoff Feature:


  Standard Sentry Mode turns off after seventy-two (72) hours or when the engine is started.

  5) Variable Temperature Feature:


  The temperature of the infrared rays varies depending on the outside temperature. The heat produced by the infrared rays would get hotter


  as the outside temperature decreases.


  6) Evaporation Mode Feature:


  When the precipitation sensor indicates that snowfall has stopped for a set duration, the evaporation mode begins. Infrared rays are

  produced at a high temperature and evaporate all the water from the glass and metal surfaces. This prevents the formation of ice

  When all the surfaces are completely dry, “Standard Sentry Mode” is reactivated, and, if snowfall resumes, the heating system

  automatically goes on and snow is melted and prevented from accumulating on the exterior vehicle surfaces. This prevents the

  formation of ice.


  Still another example of when the evaporation mode is functional is just prior to system shutoff (after 72 hours). All water is evaporated


  from all glass and metal surfaces to prevent ice from forming after system shutoff.

  7) Oversight Feature:

  “Standard Sentry Mode” includes an oversight feature, hereinafter referred to as the “Ice Buster Feature.” The “Ice Buster Feature” uses

  infrared capabilities to quickly eliminate buildups of ice and snow in the event the anticipatory technology was not activated. (The user

  forgets to press the snowflake icon on the car remote). The “Ice Buster Feature” turns off automatically when the engine is started.

  The “Ice Buster Feature” turns off automatically when all the ice and snow is melted.

  8) Operational Feature:

  a. Standard Sentry Mode is deactivated when the engine is started.


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